Boombl4 shares a drug test

Elliott Griffiths
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We’re going to keep this one brief, ‘cause it’s a nasty story littered with landmines.

What lead to this?

Boombl4 got married to his (now-ex) wife after winning the Major. Which, at the time, seemed romantic; but six months later everything has gone wrong..

Her social media usage kicked up a fuss when she apparently hinted at her support for the Russian war in Ukraine.

Boombl4 apologised for her comments publicly, but recently left NaVi for ‘not in server’ issues; many believed it would be him staying in Russia, but recent events may change that.

So what’s new?

Last week, Boombl4 filed for divorce, and a few videos and images of him surfaced that appeared to show him snorting some substance (alleged to be mephedrone) and in a compromising position.

Boombl4 denied all allegations and suggests he was being blackmailed - including claims that the images and videos were not real.

His now-ex wife claims he has been a long-term drug addict and that he had attacked her and cheated on her several times, including with other men - information that’s only due to Russia’s stance on homosexuality.

Boombl4 has since posted a clean drug test on Twitter in response:

Boombl4 showing a clean drug test

This story is developing, and a pretty rough one for everyone involved. We recommend you wait for more facts to come out before making up your mind.

If you want a measured take, we highly recommend Richard Lewis’ video on the issue.

June 12, 2022

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