Brazil’s First Major

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We’re less than a week removed from the most recent major, and so the drama about the next has, of course, already begun!

Rio de Janeiro, which had been meant to host a major back in 2020 before COVID, will be the site of the Major which is set to take place in November.

Many fans and players, however, view the venue where the event is currently scheduled to be too small.  Brazil famously has a huge fanbase and the arena that is supposed to be used for the playoffs seats less than 20,000.

Within an hour of tickets going on sale, they were sold out. Players like s1mple and FalleN called on ESL to change the venue, with FalleN joining the contingency of people advocating for the tournament to move to a soccer stadium.

No information has been made available yet about the qualification process for the major, but the Brazilian fans will certainly be hoping that at least a few of their teams qualify.

May 26, 2022

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