Breaking news: ALEX is French after all

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • In what's hopefully the only thing he's inherited from the French, the Cloud9 IGL has expressed his support for the player strike that took place ahead of the Blast Finals.
  • Almost exactly two months after Jkaem joined the team, he's out of Apeks again as another offer came up on the table. He must've learned these roster shenanigans in NA...
  • They know me for my one-taps!
  • Australian player asap has received a one year ban for using a fake ID to circumvent an age restriction at a tournament. Guess you can't change your age ASAP, asap.
  • DreamHack Open January has had its dates offcially announced. God that feels weird, it having a month instead of a place as a name... We need LAN's back.
  • If only all our wingman games were this easy...
  • Elisa Nordic will expand into 2021 with their regional tournaments, announcing $ 100,000 in prizepool divided over Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Great, the last thing we need is more nordic talents...
  • Saved by the... grenade?
  • Speaking of the French, Vive ZywOo and Vive la France! Vitality extended ZywOo's contract until 2024 and celebrated with animated posters, projected onto buildings in Paris:
December 20, 2020

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