Bring your wallet (and let it be stacked)

Gijs Verhoeff
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📱#️⃣ Even more good posts!

  • Friend of the newsletter ZukwiZ has brought us: an easier way to look at skins we’ll never be able to afford!
  • Even more good news: rain’s kid is now officially in this world. Don’t show them the video of you eating a cigarette just yet, rain.

📺😮 Even more good highlights!

  • sdy really out there trying to prove NAVI made a mistake.
  • Twistzz. Those shots have no right being that clean. What the hell.

☁️👍 Even more good… fluff?

  • One day entire homes will be decorated with paintings of CS:GO maps. At least that’s what we’d want.
  • Yo, we heard you liked case openings, so we put a case opening inside your case opening. That is one awesome MAC-10 skin.
January 22, 2023

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