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Elliott Griffiths
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BibleThumps and Sadges at the ready, ladies and gentlemen.

DreamHack Open is no more. Yesterday marked the final DreamHack Open before its death and rebirth as ESL Challengers, which is essentially taking its place - but with it go six years of memories.

So fitting, in that case, that both the first and the last wins came from fnatic - with KRiMZ being an integral piece of both rosters. Though it's fair to say, the roster this time around looked nothing like the last one.

There's something a little bit more... stiff upper lip about this one. Something a bit 'losing on penalties' about them.

Yeah, it was the English contingent of fnatic that has reinvigorated them, with smooya taking centre stage alongside Brollan. We hate to say it, we really do, but through gritted teeth we have to admit: smooya is really, really good.

UKCS is, finally, here.

fnatic put Spirit and ENCE to the sword, before running over MAD Lions in a double decker red bus and stuffing BIG in a red postbox, zipping 'em up in three. Good thing about winning every map is, you're never drawing a game and have to win on penalties.

MAD Lions won a place at the EPL Conference by winning a decider game, but that was merely a side dish for the main course of fnatic eating BIG alive.

England taking down Germany. You love to see it. Or at least, us English do. Nobody else does.

November 14, 2021

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