broky is the best player in the world

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember when we mentioned ZywOo earlier?

He got absolutely pounded into the ground by the better teenage awper. We don't feel bad about saying that, because ZywOo is basically 20 now anyway. Got 'em.

broky dropped 67 in two maps as FaZe slapped Vitality 2-0. Not really sure what NiKo was playing at - FaZe, much like mouz, have got better after dropping him. No cap.

It's still hard to adjust to Complexity being a more star-studded line-up than NaVi, but they out-pugged the CIS outfit to take Mirage and the series 2-1. jks, k0nfig and blameF is one of the scariest trios in world Counter-Strike - we cannot wait to see them on LAN.

OG will fight for survival with Team Spirit, after both lost their opening game. To be fair to ZywOo, he did destroy Spirit. Maybe he's alright. broky was FaZe's best player again as they beat OG in the opening game. NiKo can spot a player, he just can't lead them in-game.

fnatic got smashed by Complexity, with Golden having a bit of a stinky one, and someone needs to get acoR out of elo hell.

November 8, 2020

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