Bubzkji has the solution

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Brian never fails to amuse us.
  • Having FPS issues? Bubzkji is your man. Is this how he spends his time on the bench?
  • Those are some nice groups you got there BLAST Premier Spring...
  • In a classic North ploy, they have joined the second season of the European Development Championship. If you don't see the irony in that, Young Ninjas - NiP's academy team - are also playing.
  • You can say what you want about COVID, but at least it's brought the tiniest bit of justice to this world. Scammers beware.
  • ESL just announced EPL's Season 13 team list, and it's MEGA STACKED.
  • At least we'll get some LAN's from DreamHack. We'll have to settle for DH Open's though.
  • Asterix and the Polonicus:
February 1, 2021

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