Bubzkji is finally free?

Elliott Griffiths
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Well, this is a weird one.

Bubzkji is free from Astralis’ clutches, but at what cost?

Helmet-donning aficionado Jaxon believes Bubzkji is about to retire to become an analyst on Danish TV - or at least will become a free agent, and is negotiating with Danish TV.

We don’t really know what to say any more; we really thought Bubzkji was going to be great, but Astralis seem to have finally broken the poor kid’s spirit.

Hell, it’s not like it’s a bad job. He’s going to be talking about Counter-Strike for a living, on the tele box. Hard for us to feel too sorry for him, truth be told.

And at least it’s not VALORANT.

January 30, 2022

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