Bubzkji might be out the gulag pog

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Astralis/Bubzkji

Well, sort of. Because Valve are a bit behind on the times, RMR events will not allow the multi-people rosters as we've seen them done by Vitality and - to some extent - Astralis. This means you can't change players in between maps, and that these two teams will have to rethink their systems.

In an interview with HLTV, Bubkji has assured us that he won't just play one map all the time and sit on the bench, but will actually - forcibly really - play multiple maps and entire series. Whether or not Astralis will apply this in actual RMR events is kind of shaky, but Bubzkji's said we will see him more after Katowice, during for example ESL Pro League.

It's not like Astralis needed him in Katowice though, as Astralis took quick care of mousesports, EG, and Spirit- oh. Third time is apparently not the charm.

Anyhow, we'll probably see more of Bubzkji in the future, and to be fair anything beats playing 16 maps in 7 months right... right?

February 25, 2021

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