C stands for clusterf…

Elliott Griffiths
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What’s the most tilting loss you’ve ever had?

A quadruple overtime loss where you lost a 1v1 at 15-14? A 14-5 choke? How about a complete CT side collapse after T side dominance?

Whatever it is, you can take some solace in the fact that even one of the best teams in the world can completely capitulate from 14-1 up and lose the bloody map.

FaZe Clan were up against Vitality in what is essentially a seeding game, so it’s really not that important, and flew out of the blocks into a 14-1 lead on the T side of Anubis.

Now, CT side on a new map, especially one like this, is never easy. But they needed two - two! - CT rounds to win the map. They, uh, at least got overtime?

Vitality clawed their way to overtime and overpowered FaZe Clan, sneaking through to map two and winning the series in two in another close one on Nuke. FaZe did recover mentally, but then lost in OT again. That’s gotta sting.

Still, could be worse. At least they qualified.

OG-conquerors NIP came up against the only team who conspired to lose to OG, 00NATION. After going up 1-0 and taking the piss on Twitter,  they were dealt a swift comeuppance. 00NATION, with a stand-in, reverse swept NIP and moved on to playoffs.

We’re not saying this group was incredibly weak, but… 00NATION with a stand-in qualified.

NIP can’t even use the ‘stand-in’ excuse. They lost to a team whose IGL was absent. We’re sure it’s somehow not Aleksib’s fault.

That’s not all; somehow paiN vs Grayhound was a lower bracket final game. Because NIP also lost to Grayhound and paiN toppled OG; this group was a completely nonsensical omnishambles, and NIP and OG are to blame.

Maybe Group D will be better.

March 12, 2023

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