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Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Heroic and Faze Clan/maxxeck

Don’t you just love getting treated to a final before the actual final? We did.

After the crowd had settled down again from the opening ceremony, the server room started warming up as the Danes and the Clan geared up for their faceoff.

FaZe started off strong on the first map, Nuke. Can’t blame them, Heroic had lost the map recently to BIG at IEM Rio. The pistol round and follow ups were won, but then things got real.

Turns out the saying “saving strats for the Major” does indeed ring true. Heroic unleashed the full force of their tactics - but also mostly their crosshairs - upon the international mix and Antwerp Major champions.

Heroic carried the momentum into the second half and were nearing match point with stavn’s single-handed pistol win, but either they got sloppy or FaZe got their confidence back because suddenly it all got chaotic.

FaZe thrive in chaos, and the comeback looked real. However, looks can be deceiving (see: our tinder profile). Right at the end, Heroic pulled through. 16-14, and the previous Major’s runners-up are now up 1-0.

Next up Heroic’s pick: Overpass. Things look similar, but in the opposite direction. Karrigan and co. bang out round after round, and Heroic look lost. We get to the second half, and then CS once again gets chaotic.

This time it’s Heroic that looks for a comeback, and they get close… But not close enough. Once again, right as overtime looks inevitable, FaZe shut down the fun and finally close things out. The score reads 16-12 now, and the maps are all tied up at 1-1.

The crowd’s already drooling at the thought of map three, the map we all know so well. Mirage.

This time Heroic decides enough is enough, and FaZe’s long road to the Major comes to an end in the dusty Moroccan palaces and weapon depots.

Despite Twistzz’ best efforts, Heroic shut out FaZe 16-6 and move on to the semi-final of the last CS:GO major.

May 19, 2023

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