Carlos leaves G2 for good

Elliott Griffiths
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We talked last week about Carlos of G2 being suspended for six weeks, but it seems those six weeks went by incredibly fast.

He’s not back or anything - in fact, he might never be coming back.

He has officially ‘stepped down’ with an emotional video looking back at his time building, directing and growing G2 into the colossus it is right now. It’s a sad video, but one that we probably could have seen coming.

G2 missed out on franchising in VALORANT, which is going to cost the business millions, and it’s largely down to Carlos’… let’s say antics, of the last few weeks.

Whether or not you think that’s correct - and clearly it’s a polarising topic on Twitter - it’s one fueled entirely by the business side. G2 wouldn’t get rid of the guy who built them if there wasn’t a massive business issue, and Riot wouldn’t have changed their mind along the same lines.

Lord knows Riot can’t take a moral stance on anything.

This is unlikely to have too big an effect on their CSGO team - unless Carlos was the one who harnessed the curse that appears to have troubled G2 for years at this point.

Perhaps they might be able to beat a team with a sub, or even not lose a grand final 0-3, for once.

October 29, 2022

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