Carlos the Monk

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Maybe he'll finally put together a Major winning team after his trip? It'll be both physical and spiritual, so who knows.
  • MSL future is looking bright. Not getting B-rushed by the Danish five-stack level bright, but still bright.
  • The boomers in our team have told us we should care about this "trace" guy. So yeah, care about this trace guy.
  • Great, now we can boast to our friends that being Master Guardian I is "above average".
  • What's worse: your parents not understanding your line of work and you making less money, or you disappointing them by working at McDonald's but making more money? We're loving it.
  • There's no chiropractor in the world that can fix that back, sheesh.
  • Ehm indeed... Apparently there were some cheats involved.
  • For all you manly men out there, Polly Pocket meets CS:GO courtesy of the talented Wheezy_T.
May 20, 2021

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