Catch up on the Major

Phillip Rasmussen
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Before we dive into the real story, we'll just catch you up on what has happened at the Major, since we sent our last email on Monday:

  • Astralis, Liquid and Mouz were eliminated with a 1-3 record
  • FaZe and Entropiq followed them out with 2-3, before Copenhagen Flames almost pulled off the impossible against NiP. Almost. Damn NiP Magic
  • On the flip side, Heroic, Gambit and FURIA all managed to clinch a play-off spot by going 3-1
  • The remainder of the play-off bracket was filled by Vitality, Virtus Pro and NiP, all of whom went to all three maps in their victories to become 3-2

With the conclusion of the Legends Stage's group stage, the play-off bracket was set with the following match-ups:

Heroic vs VP

G2 vs NiP

FURIA vs Gambit

Vitality vs NaVi

And now to the real deal.

November 4, 2021

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