Catching up with the VAC banned-ians

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • If you wanted to know who else had their VAC ban expire because of the recent changes, don't worry because Liquipedia has got you covered. Gems like Bubzkji's long lost cousin "bobbzki" or "BDSM" included.
  • Another interesting person on that list is dream3r, who's set to play for Fiend in DreamHack Masters Spring.
  • MSL gave us an interesting insight in to the who's and the why's of his departure from North.
  • Is this what the young kids would call "banging content"? Whatever it is, make sure to upvote it.
  • Funny to think how much the esports world has grown in the meantime. Although our bank might still give that description a funny look. Mr FBI Agent if you're reading this, it's just a video game...
  • Smoking kills...
  • CS:GO is ready to sit next to Mona Lisa in Louvre. If you upvote this skin collection by Oscar:
April 18, 2021

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