Caught in 4K

Elliott Griffiths
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We at TLDR aren't very good criminals. We downloaded something from Pirate Bay about 7 years ago and haven't felt clean since. We turned ourselves in to the police afterwards, and they just laughed it off.

That said, even we're not dumb enough to get recorded saying "We’ve been planning to lose this game for the last five days" and then pretend we weren't matchfixing.

Like, for crying out loud man. They've caught you in 4K. There's no arguing, no debate. It's all there. No wonder that ESIC guy said 'we're dealing with idiots' a week ago. We truly bloody are.

We've no idea what the punishment will be for those caught fixing games, but at the very least we'd like to see a game-wide ban. Maybe an esports ban, maybe more. It's almost worth punishing them for being so dense that they got flipping RECORDED FIXING A GAME.

We had to try harder not to swear covering this story than they tried to cover their tracks, the f****** idiots.

Ah, s***. Ruined it.

April 4, 2021

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