Chad takes on some Ninjas

Elliott Griffiths
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This isn't a particular deep story, so we'll keep it light.

Some guy from NiP got annoyed at the HLTV Confirmed podcast (he could try listening to the Overtime on Inferno one, but that's none of our business), seemingly because he... agreed with them?

Honestly, we've read his thread a few times and have no idea what he's on about. It's something to do with HLTV talking about the 'NiP system' and how it was good, even though hampus didn't like it.

SPUNJ fired back, claiming that hampus was the only one talking smack, and telling the NiP guy to 'f*** off'. Why is everyone so angry about things they agree on? We're not really sure.

SPUNJ then tweeted the COO of NiP to suggest they tried to use a different roster for IEM Summer, but weren't allowed to - suggesting that NiP's spiel about rotating kids in and out of the team was not entirely true.

Which, yeah, it seems that way. And Jonas barely even attempted to deny it.

Looks like Jonas might be on a podcast (or two...) to explain in the future, so for now, drama over. But we thought you might want an update on why SPUNJ is so angry.

June 10, 2021

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