Chaos at Pinnacle

Elliott Griffiths
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With everything occurring at BLAST and IEM Katowice starting next week (!), you’d be forgiven for not noticing all the chaos bubbling under the surface of tier one, at the Pinnacle Winter Series 2 Regionals.

Catchy name.

Chaos like Unique messing up a four man boost at 18-17 down and losing 45 seconds of a must-win round, or vsm killing his own teammate to ruin a great position.

Still, in the eye of the storm, there is some genius. try, 00Nation’s new sniping recruit, has been destroying the competition. A 1.32 rating and a +71 K/D leave the Argentinian at the top of the charts, and make this team just as exciting as we’d hoped.

Second and third place in the ratings give us some interesting stories; BOROS of Endpoint is the next off of Endpoint’s conveyor belt of talent, after mezii and flameZ. He was on nobody’s radar until Endpoint, but just like his predecessors, is smashing the tier 2 scene.

Someone at Endpoint has the secret sauce - whether they have some B1ad3-esque genius scout or they’ve cracked some sort of statistical edge over everyone else.

The final member of the top three is a familiar name - chopper, of Team Spirit. His numbers fell off at the end of his last spell, but with the new roster he’s become a bit of a nutter again. He’s back to that Vega form, and we’re ready to love again.

You might be wondering what happened to mir - but we stumbled upon a translation of an old OverDrive podcast that suggested mir had some... attitude problems. He basically would just tell people not to tell him what to do and do what he wanted.

Absolute sigma grindset.

We should mention that OverDrive suggested that that was ‘old info’ and now says that the teams just had issues with synergy, and mir needs a team that will let him be the superstar.

Which doesn’t exactly contradict the former, but we’ll let him off. He loves mir as much as us, after all.

February 10, 2022

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