Cheater Wars: ESIC Strikes Again

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • ESIC have announced they aren't quite done yet - Round 2, DING DING DING - , and have substantiated evidence of streamsniping in pro Counter-Strike matches.
  • Speaking of ESIC, where's that match-throwing inquiry at bro?
  • Cloud9 are reportedly staying floppy. Wait, no that doesn't sound right. Ah yes, floppy is reportedly staying in Cloud9 after all.
  • We honestly don't know what to think exactly of this exchange between ropz and allu. Nordic humour? Hey, at least mouz won (napz approves of this message).
  • If you ever think NA or EU CS is boring, just remember Asia exists, and that their best derby currently stands at a 56-33 scoreline, between TYLOO and ViCi Gaming. Worst part? ViCi have lost the last 13 series in a row.
  • Then again, if TYLOO are making plays like these, we don't really blame ViCi.
  • In an example of six man rosters that didn't work out, Gambit Youngsters have gone back to five after supra was put on the transfer list.
  • miniRox, one of the 37 coaches to have been found guilty of using "The Exploit" - yes, that's what we're calling it now - will stay with his current team, AGO.
  • He'd already sort of kinda did it, but NaToSaphiX's replacement in Nordavind is now official, with Ryxxo signing on to the roster permanently.
  • XANTARES has extended his contract with Berlin International Gaming - yes, that is what they are actually called - and will stay with the team until the end of next year.
  • The ESIC story might just get a useless sequel... Our title is even more fitting now!
  • Never mind the Champions League group stages, we're all excited for the IEM New York groups.
October 1, 2020

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