Cheating-accusations sends MIBR fans in a frenzy

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Starladder

Just because you don't hit your shots any more, doesn't mean anyone who does is cheating.

So, quickly:

MIBR are on the brink of not making the Major in their home country, mainly because they keep losing games. One of those games was to Chaos, on their 45th different roster of the year, with the five remaining tier 2 NA players who aren't now VALORANT pros.

One of those players is leaf, a sixteen year old kid. He dared to flick near an MIBR player in a slightly weird fashion (we're embellishing, they're kinda sketchy, but inconclusive at best), and then... well. FalleN and Gaules kicked up a fuss.

Brazilian fans are notoriously good at taking slight indiscretions, and of course they bombarded the poor kid with abuse.

Members of the CSGO community - namely Scrawny, Richard Lewis, ropz and SPUNJ called out MIBR for their - at best - misguided zeal, and eventually, FalleN sort of apologised. Ironically, his old tweets being annoyed at being targeted for hackusations resurfaced.

Always delete your old tweets.

The people who took it best were Chaos themselves, with this total and utter banger. mCe, who was  also subject to some unkind Portuguese words, pulled out this corker, too.

MIBR are playing again today, with Major qualifications on the line. Try not to laugh TOO hard if they don't make it, unless you enjoy attempting to decipher Portuguese insults.

June 25, 2020

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