Cloud9 having second thoughts

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • HenryG has realised the horrible mistake he's made in taking in mezii. The dude has the weirdest config we've ever seen.
  • Nordavind have one HS less, not that they had many to begin with. The Estonian has parted ways with the org, as Danish player Ryxxo replaces him.
  • ScoutJ is still alive.
  • Virtus Pro have put together a secondary roster, starring amongst others one player named "awesome" and one that doesn't even have an HLTV page. We weren't the only ones that forgot they had a primary roster.
  • Sprout and North were the first two teams to qualify for DreamHack Open Fall. This hits especially hard for napz, as he called North a lower tier team in our last edition. How the turntables.
  • But he still managed to find some joy in the fact that Endpoint managed to qualify as well, with CRUC1AL now being his last, desperate hope left for the Benelux scene.
  • Speaking of mouz, ropz is in probably the highest ranked level of ELO hell.
  • In a fantastical turn of events, Chaos have replaced MIBR at the upcoming IEM New York event. You couldn't make this up.
September 24, 2020

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