Cloud9 wins on “home soil”

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cloud9 wins iem dallas

Illustration by NovaH. Source: ESL

Cloud9 has finally found the secret method for North American teams to succeed; having 0 North American players!

It’s been less than two months since Cloud9 signed the former Gambit roster, and forced us here at TLDR to figure out whether to call them a CIS or an American team.

The hometown crowd didn’t have the same issues. They simply adopted the players like their own.

“Show your tits off for the boys” apparently means something distinctly different in the US 😳

On Sunday, Cloud9 lifted the IEM Dallas trophy in what certainly felt like a hometown victory, with the crowd at their back, and ENCE at their mercy in all three maps of the 3-0 victory.

It might not have been a stomp scoreline-wise, with the exception of the brutal beating on Ancient, but the stats tell a different story. Across all three maps, just one Cloud9 player had a negative rating. On one map.

ENCE managed just two with positive ratings, and one of them was the substitute Snax, who was also the only player to get double-digit kills for ENCE on map 3.

sh1ro was absolutely sensational, putting up what might’ve been his greatest series ever. 1.39, 1.27, 2.00.

nafany, who won MVP without having a map below 1.0 through the whole event, was only the third-best player in the final. We haven’t seen that level of dominance since, well.. since Boombl4 was still on NAVI and s1mple, electronic and B1T split people apart in Stockholm last year.

Will this be the former Gambit-players’ breakthrough as the best team in the world?

In that case: USA, USA, USA!

June 5, 2022

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