Coach: Go team! Valve: STFU or ban

Elliott Griffiths
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If it wasn't clear beforehand from pretty much everything else they've ever done, Valve don't really like coaches.

That's just not the real matchmaking experience, you see, which is why we expect the next Major will be on 64 tick servers, with a Russian guy screaming swear words that one doesn't fully understand at each of the players.

What could the coaches have done this time? Abused another bug? Stole some notes from the other team? Started a fight?

No, the coaches have done the terrible, terrible deeds of cheering when their teams win rounds and huddling with the players before the game. The horror.

Alright, so apparently it's because it's tough for the TOs to be sure what the coaches are shouting - it could be legitimate info, if they don't understand the language - and huddles can delay the start of the game.

Which seems... kinda fair? But also, it strikes us as Valve trying to crush what is left of the spirit of coaches in CSGO. Everyone knows they're not big fans of coaches in general, and this allows them to push their narrative further along.

No emotion allowed, lads. Only facts.

October 31, 2021

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