@CoachMotto just lost some followers

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: BLAST

Thank god for BLAST. Without them, coaches would have nothing better to do than to (re)tweet inspirational quotes, and we've more than had enough of that.

Valve might not like coaches, and punished everyone for the insolence of a few when it came to abusing bugs, but thankfully BLAST has kept all of those wonderful coaches in a job, without giving the cheating ones a chance. Crazy. Almost like it's as easy as banning the cheaters and letting the others crack on.

It seems like everything is going to sort itself out, and all that bedwetting on Twitter was overreaction. Overreaction? On my blue bird website?

BLAST become the first to go against Valve's decision, which is brave if they want to host the next Major - though, Valve didn't have an issue with TOs unbanning swag and DaZeD, so they might be okay.

February 4, 2021

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