coldzera’s new carrot-danglers emerge

Elliott Griffiths
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coldzera is apparently fronting the new 00Nation roster with - wait for it - malbsMd and try.

Now that might not mean too much to you if you’re a more casual fan, but try in particular has been really hyped for a while and had an impressive performance over in Europe when 9z came over.

malbsMd is a favourite of the newsletter, on the other hand; he’s a raw, talented entry-fragger with an abundance of skill and fearlessness. Remember that Deagle 4k?

We’re sure coldzera can find a way to bait him - hell, cold could find a way to let the most chivalrous door-holding man go in first, never mind a crazy man like malbs.

Nobody knows for sure quite who’s staying from 00Nation and who is going; but kNgV’s mother-in-law (yes, really) seemingly leaked that he’s out. vsm and leo? That would be a pretty fun team to watch, at least.

We’re going to miss kNgV and his unique brand of over-aggression, both in and out of the server as it were, but we’re sure he’ll find a new spot at some point.

Brazil is going to be a whole lot of fun this year.

Minor SA shuffle news

  • FURIA are still yet to announce saffee, but it seems like that still is the plan for that team, especially as paiN have found a replacement. A very, very solid move, but one that is almost too sensible to work. Like es3tag to NiP, or Eddie Howe to Newcastle.
  • We’re still missing key info on the Last Dance project with FalleN, but Tomek Jóźwik’s useful image lets us all know what’s happening. Hopefully.
  • Sharks are holding on to their key players amid transfer rumours according to their CEO.
January 2, 2022

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