Complexity era zero days

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDYJ.

Do you remember when Complexity were a top team?

About two weeks ago, for all of about… two days?

After a depressing start to Pro League they had a great chance to bounce back, against the ghost of FalleN past.

They got spanked 16-1 on Inferno.

However, it wasn’t all bad. They edged a close game on Ancient and forced overtime on Overpass in the third, but Imperial had them on the ropes. Until JT did something miraculous.

It galvanised them, and Complexity were back on the warpath. They cleaned up in double overtime, and stepped up to BIG with renewed vim and vigour, slapping them down in OT on Vertigo; BIG’s pick.

And then capitulated, again.

hallzerk picked up just 31 kills in the next two maps when Complexity needed him most - the opposite story to their performance in Katowice - and BIG powered past NA’s hopefuls.

BIG, it seemed, had recovered from their loss to FURIA, and now had a chance vs the Fighting Dragonites of Spain. Movistar Riders, without SunPayus. If you were a top 20 team…

The Germans stole Vertigo, but were cleanly popped on Nuke and Ancient, with their new star AWPer dropping a 45.4 ADR -14 game, and k1to somehow stinking up the place even more.

Somehow, Movistar Riders snuck their way through the group.

At least something made sense. Heroic pushed past MOUZ in relatively convincing fashion.

March 5, 2023

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