Complexity might miss the Major

Gijs Verhoeff
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If you're a fanatic for Fnatic, a big supporter of BIG, or just simply like Complexity, then you're probably straight up not having a good time, if you also want to see them at the Major*.*

With what can only be described as a spell of bad luck or bad CS - but probably a combination of both - all these teams are currently set to miss the Rio Major.

You can jump as many spots in the HLTV rankings as you want BIG, it won't grant you a Major invite. Complexity is worse off than the other teams: They will have to pull off the impossible and win the last RMR event of the year to qualify as legends.

Complexity missed out on a spot at cs_summit 6, in part due to losing against FATE. Was it destiny? No it was FATE.

c0ntact didn't make it either, with their new addition Snappi and his teammates not being granted a break after over four hours of playing. We've had FACEIT grinds longer than that, but okay.

In other news, North finally won, mouz lost against ex-teammate STYKO - we'll let you guess who at TLDR had a good day and who didn't - and BIG worked hard to make up for those lost points.

The groups are still wide open however, so do make sure to check them out.

June 25, 2020

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