Complexity needs a lifeboat

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by ANDY. Source: PGL

Two weeks ago, on the back of wins against ENCE and Astralis at ESL Pro League, Complexity’s GM, Graham Pitt, said to Jaxon “We can compete against the world’s best”.

Fair enough Graham, but when you lose against the likes of Imperial, 00NATION and fail to qualify to the Major after going up 2-1 in Swiss, no one cares that you went 9-12th at ESL Pro League.

Maybe we’re just a little bit tired of talking about Complexity like they’re the second coming of, well… we got nothing. They’ve picked up hallzerk, and floppy is supposedly unstoppable when he’s in the zone.

But the flop HAS stopped, and in the last month floppy has only managed an 1.08 rating, which is respectable but not quite the world beater that Grim made him out to be.

In Complexity’s Blast Premier Fall Showdown quarterfinal against Sharks, we don’t even think floppy showed up? Ranked 167 in the world and coming off of a loss to FURIA’s Academy, Sharks should have been an easy win for the Juggernaut.

But between n1ssim dropping 49 kills in two maps, and floppy ending up with a 28-39 score, Sharks were just the better team and took a relatively easy 2-0 victory.

We can talk all night about Complexity losing to a team 150 places below them on the HLTV rankings, but kudos to the Brazilians because they were just better.

Sharks will now be facing either MIBR or Team One in their next Showdown Game. Which means more Brazilian derbies in the NA qualifier. Just like it’s always been.

October 20, 2022

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