Complexity stun Na`Vi in Blast Premier Spring Finals

Gijs Verhoeff
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Looks like Team KennyS is BLASTing off again... ZywOo managed to shut down his fellow countrymen with a monster performance in Vitality's opening round match at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. With a 1.70 rating over the two maps, there's no question as to Zywho might be the best French player. The only other players managing a 1.0+ rating were KennyS and RpK, of all people.

This result pitted Vitality against FaZe in the upper bracket semifinal as the latter took out ENCE. Sadly for them, ZywOo didn't manage to make up for the rest of the team as usual, and the Frenchmen fell 16-11, 16-9 on Nuke and Dust2.

electronic, on the other hand, managed to get out of s1mple's shadow once again, as he got an even higher rating in Na`Vi's win against NiP. Complexity didn't have quite as easy a time in their match against OG, playing the full three maps but still continuing to the next stage, setting up a Complexity vs s1mple matchup - ironic.

It turned out to be a really s1mple showing, not because Oleksandr the Great was on his usual bullshit, but because k0nfig showed semblance of his 2017-self. His 27-4 on Mirage didn't make everyone happy though. How much? Meanwhile blameF currently looks like the best Danish IGL, even if gla1ve came back this moment.

Down in the lower bracket, G2 took care of a lackluster ENCE, and worse, a lackluster Jamppi. The only thing that's worse than Jamppi's performance? His lawyer's mucking around in his suit against Valve. Meanwhile NiP shut down OG, meaning Aleksib joins his fellow Finns on the loser's bus ride home.

June 18, 2020

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