Consistently inconsistent

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Bubzkji explained how apparently changing your settings all the time isn't the way to consistency. No way...
  • u/DumbElephant - who's apparently not so dumb after all - managed to clickbait us all in to his awesome clip over on reddit. The highlight is either disappointing or impressive, we're not sure yet.
  • You know how we said in our last edition that we kind of forgot who LDLC were? Well we think they got at least half of our message, as they announced the pickup of bodyy and afroo.
  • Speaking of bodyy, he is certain he will be able to get back to his best level now.
  • AcilioN got in to detail about his bumpy road through his many teams over on HLTV.
  • If you ever felt like B-apps on Mirage needed some renovating, reddit user Heindl has got you covered. But at what cost?
  • UK CS just got a little more interesting, as smooya is now a free agent. Pick him up for free at the pet store.
  • Copenhagen Flames took it up to themselves to re-discover yet another Danish talent, as they picked up HECTOz to replace Farlig.
  • Hiko announced his retirement from Counter-Strike, as he will be joining 100T over on that other game, VALORANT.
June 4, 2020

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