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Harry Richards
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Source: Cloud9

When we left you, Astralis and Cloud9 were doing a pretty good job of drowning their RMR sorrows with some decent performances in Brazy Party.

And, that continued in playoffs.

Astralis silenced Apeks despite jkaem continuing his rampage, and Cloud9 saw off paiN in their quarter-final.

In semis, it got trickier, but both of our protagonists emerged alive. Astralis even ended 9INE’s 16 game winning streak on Vertigo in double OT, before the Poles reverted to form on Ancient.

Cloud9, meanwhile, brought interz out of the basement for their semi-final against OG after HObbit encountered an “eye problem.” And, he didn’t even do bad — he got a 1.16 rating in the one map he played, helping C9 win 2-1.

buster, if you were wondering, only managed a 0.98. Ouch.

Nevertheless, we got the final we all wanted.

Ax1le and sh1ro against device and blameF. Buzz against buster. Is there any better way to spend a Wednesday evening than this? Don’t answer that.

The two sides converted their map picks, taking us to a decider on Inferno.

A decider that, ultimately, never really felt in Astralis’ control. The Danes won both pistols but could never get going in the gun rounds. They even got 3K’d by nafany, for god’s sake.

Just like that, it was over. Cloud9 were crowned as the best team not at the Major, and even pocketed $133k in the process.

Is that enough for a new IGL? We’re asking for a friend.

May 4, 2023

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