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🏆 More RMR content?

  • Snappi thinks the seeding is slightly unbalanced for the EU RMRs. You reckon?
  • peacemaker has left TeamoNe. He… doesn’t do a lot to counter the narrative about himself.

👀 Cool stuff

  • DemoDive allows you to find what you want out of a demo faster than your puny eyes and brain could ever imagine. Ya silly goober.
  • New BNE coach Devilwalk did an interview with some friends of the newsletter over at Insite. He ‘doesn’t consider winning the Major a big achievement’. Yeah, we don’t know either.
  • BLAST put out a long-form article about kennyS and his potential fairytale run back to where it all began. And it was written by someone very cool, apparently.
  • If we had £220, we might just buy one of these wicked bomber jackets from Vitality. Seriously. That could make even the ugliest TLDR writer look like, well, you. Our much more attractive reader.

🔫 Counter-Strike

  • It’s easier than ever to hit headshots. Good news for some of you. Really good news for us.
April 6, 2023

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