Could it bee a throwback?

Gijs Verhoeff
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🔥 Amazing talent

  • Let’s go back in time to when mousesports was just mousesports, ropz and karrigan were jamming on the right team, and their COO had to save them from a bee. Props on catching it with a cup.
  • You know, these legend never really lose their talent. They might not be at the top, but they’re still better than us. We’re talking about BOT Cory of course, not GTR.
  • Oh and I guess the Cologne talent team got announced or something. It’s not like we’re holding in our excitement or anything, nah not at all.

💰 Cash Rules Everything Around Me

  • Apparently FACEIT only care when it’s about money. Bad FACEIT.
  • Imagine buying a skin from some dude, only for it to turn out to have come from a hacked inventory. That’s 10k worth of items - poof - gone.

🤨 You guys are too influenceable

  • Some of you read “nerf” and instantly stopped using the arguably better M4 of the two. We thought better of you lot.
June 30, 2022

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