Counter-Strike 101 with Professor karrigan

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • You probably all remember when karrigan posted all those cryptic tweets about some new project. Well turns out he's gone ahead and tried the impossible: Improve your CS skills. He's come out with a demo review video about Overpass, the first of many probably.
  • It's good to see 2020 has gotten at least one Major. Richard Lewis along with his No Majors Club has set up a pseudo-Major between bots, calling it The Bot Major. As of writing it's already ongoing, but you can follow it over on RL's Twitch page. We, for one, accept our AI overlords.
  • HenryG's explained why he's released his shopping receipt to the public.
  • tonyblack from 1WIN has been transfer listed, with the team stating poor results as reason for the move. Should've picked a different name then...
  • Rejin, former mousesports coach and hipster-hair specialist, has said he will sit out his ban, but won't be sitting still, as he looks to advise teams outside of the server.
  • DreamHack Open November has had their talent list announced. Only name we see missing?  Our very own aizyesque, as he's set to be that guy that does the funny stats and jokes that pop up on screen sometimes. Try fitting that in your resume.
  • Snappi's revealed he's not happy with his recent results, but is happy with the potential his c0ntact lineup has, in an interview with HLTV.
  • And finally - to go full circle - don't tell us that in this picture Semmler doesn't look like that one Math teacher we all had back in High School.
November 12, 2020

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