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Elliott Griffiths
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There's been a lot going on in Pro League, so we've TLDR'd it down for you. Aren't we bloody great?

  • ENCE are crushing it. Leaving NaVi, G2 and Heroic in their wake makes an embarrassing loss to GODSENT look less worrying. No matter what Aleksib fanboys tell you, ENCE are pretty good.
  • s1mple is like, really good. He's the highest rated player in the EU Pro League, and he's 0.13 over 2nd place blameF. NaVi join ENCE at the top of Group A.
  • Speaking of blameF, his Complexity team are currently 3-0. They bashed Astralis against a wall, and Astralis have been pretty good themselves.
  • One team who haven't been very good, is FaZe Clan. They haven't won a map yet in six attempts. They got 16-4'd on their own map pick against an out-of-sorts fnatic. Something is wrong.
  • In NA, Chaos smashed Gen.G even without steel. We've no idea what happened here. Especially as they then got battered by 100T.
  • Triumph are 0-4 in maps, but that's kind of unfortunate. They've actually looked okay, and it was BnTeT who bailed out Gen.G, and they came close to taking a map off FURIA. The second map, though...
  • If you're really desperate to see how G2 ended up 2-2, or how 100T are somehow 1-2 after smashing Chaos, you can see the standings for yourself.
September 10, 2020

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