Counter-Strike or World Cup… What are we watching?

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Football stole our whole flow…

  • The World Cup in Qatar is copying the script of the Rio Major in terms of upsets. The only difference is that Brazil actually has a legitimate shot at winning this time on the pitch and on the server.
  • Imagine Poland having a defence consisting only of the old Virtus.Pro players. They’d never have to worry about conceding a goal again.

🤔 Where is the problem?

  • There should be a call for going after “blameF kills” instead of eco frags at this point.
  • Nifty had his say about what to change on Liquid. I wanna know what needs to change for Envy to stop letting him stay on their payroll.
  • Some dreams die young. For sdy that was staying on NAVI.

🧠 Big Brain Small Aim

November 24, 2022

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