Counter-Strike Two, the second

Elliott Griffiths
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Counter-Strike Twice:

  • Someone found a cheeky new boost on Dust New. We don’t think this’ll be staying for too long.
  • Neither will this wallbang.
  • If you didn’t play matchmaking before CS2 Beta came out, then tough titties.
  • No access? You should have just tried cheating, instead.
  • There’s also some pretty bad wallhack stuff going around - which may have been fixed by the time you read this.

Any Other Business:

  • BLAST’s Major trophy idea has had… mixed reactions.
  • valens - who is in charge of decisions at EG, by most accounts - says HexT should have been given more time. Aren’t you the guy… doesn’t matter.
  • swisher is looking to move to Europe to find some success after getting bored of NA. The Americans reckon he might actually be good enough, so we’re willing to look and see.
  • BIG’s CEO isn’t happy.
March 30, 2023

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