CounterStrike in Brazil is amazing

Phillip Rasmussen
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🇩🇰 Heroic at the Major

  • If FURIA gets knocked out before the playoffs, Heroic has got a really good chance of becoming the new fan favourite, not least due to cadiaN being the palest Brazilian in the world.
  • Speaking of cadiaN, he’s not a virgin, he just acts like one?
  • Uh and neither are sjuush and TeSeS after this filthy flick by sh1ro. Collateral wallbang. Jesus Christ, give them a chance.

🔥 The Major is on fire

  • When you’re at match point, you need to suit up in your fire-impregnated big-boy pants, just like dexter did against Vitality. Shades of olofmeister.
  • If you’re FURIA and you win, Neymar is just casually going to Facetime you to say congratulations. Imagine what the playoffs are going to be like if they qualify 🤯
  • Don’t trust us on that? Just listen to this crowd.

👶 Smells like Team Spirit

  • Apparently degster was a bit of a dick, according to chopper, who also says that Spirit has got plenty of room to grow with their young lineup.
  • Which QIKERT from Outsiders reiterated after their 16-14 win. Who better to confirm than someone who literally just played them?
  • Who’s the best Ukrainian per the stats at the Rio Major? Oh none other than w0nderful, Spirit’s 17 year old superstar, rolling in with a 1.26 rating, while s1mple is “only” on 1.19. That’s it, that’s the story.
November 6, 2022

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