Covid and VALORANT: The death of NA

Gijs Verhoeff
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Wow, that's one hell of a title.

We might have made it a bit extra scary, because it's spooktober, but there is a very serious problem going on right now with North-American Counter-Strike.

Let us set the scene.

As we reported above, 100 Thieves has left Counter-Strike.

Due to this, a spot was available for FURIA in the BLAST Premier Fall Series, which is set to be payed in Europe.

This meant BLAST moved all the teams of the entire tournament to one region only, namely EU.

Liquid therefore decided to sit this tournament out, because they did not want to travel.

EG on the other hand, are set to move to Serbia for a European bootcamp for the foreseeable future.

All the while the lower tier NA teams are haemorrhaging players to the V-game in increasing numbers.

In short, the NA scene is barely alive right now. With the lower "challenger" tier out of the picture, and most of the top teams going to Europe because of the lack of LANs right now. This in spite of the travel and visa issues this may pose, not to mention that we're in a damn pandemic. Oh wait, do the NA scene even believe in that?

And we know we've all memed about the NA CS:GO and it's level before, but we kinda liked them.

We mean, who else would we make fun? It's especially worrying because the NA scene was on the rise before the entire coronavirus debacle, and up and coming players in the region have a pretty grim future if this trend continues. So let's hope it doesn't.

October 15, 2020

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