Crowdfunding for Bubzkji

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • According to Thorin, which we admit isn't always the best source, Bubzkji's buyout is so crazy high no one is willing to cough up the money to get him. So, we're starting a crowdfund to buy him. Just kidding. Or are we?
  • Endpoint has secured the Cex. We are not sorry for that joke.
  • Somehow we'll find a way to still flash our teammates with this crazy popflash. Life... Finds a way.
  • Are we the only ones that are thouroughly impressed by kz gods?
  • And now on a non-CS note: Have you been thinking about becoming a YT creator? MrBeast is here to help.
  • Snappi talks about the Herculean task that is reinvigorating ENCE. Good luck.
March 25, 2021

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