Crypto isn't eZaF...

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Apparently, being in FaZe Clan does not allow you to meddle with crypto that's supposed to be charity for your own gains. Who would've thought?
  • And the fans didn't take it too well either, but not in a good way...
  • If HUDs are your thang, then this thread is worth reading. If you're a good reader, then you'll spot a little shout out our very own Simple Radar, "the gold standard" 🥺
  • If for some reason - an earthquake or a tornado for example - you missed our last edition, you might not have known that we lost Kjaerbye and NBK recently. Great losses for their respective teams. Oh wait.
  • dev1ce stating the obvious. Thank you dev1ce, very cool.
  • Don't worry, we will.
  • And people still claim that EU=NA, even before the Great Valorant Haemorrhage of 2020.
  • "Are you from Poland or Monaco?"
  • 7 digits for ropz? That's a bargain...
July 4, 2021

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