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Gijs Verhoeff
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Can’t have enough stickers, need more stickers!

  • Remember, with CS:GO’s 10th anniversary coming up, you still have time to submit your very own stickers. Here’s some of our favourites!
  • Nils on twitter just had to remind us of the absolute tragedy that was AUG week
  • Nothing quite like putting the GO in CS:GO. Globally on the go?
  • What do you mean the Kato 14 reference stickers are “not serious enough”? We take making fun of people who didn’t know any better very very seriously.

😡 Makes you wanna ragequit

  • If we were playing against this guy, we’d definitely be reporting him. Then again, we report everyone that kills us.
  • Speaking of ragequitting, in Richard Lewis’ final works as esports journalist, he’s given us more evidence that Stewie2K is hanging up his mouse.

🤡 Don’t take yourself too seriously

  • That first answer from floppy in this Dust2 interview is… interesting to say the least.
  • Sometimes, you gotta lean in to the meme - just like EYEBALLERS.

🪶 Пух (that’s Russian for fluff)

July 7, 2022

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