CS2’s Mirage Fades

Sebastian Lalic
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It might’ve taken 76 days, but CS2 finally gets its first major refresh. That refresh might’ve been adding the most overplayed map from CS:GO… But, we’ll take it.

That’s right, Dust 2 is out and Mirage is in. Some well-needed variety after the Sisyphean hell that was playing D2 over and over.

Mirage has gotten an overhaul that looks nothing short of amazing, even if you might need sunglasses to play it. The comparison is almost crazy when you look at the highest settings. Now, we’ll be honest and say, maybe, it would’ve been nice to see something like Nuke or Overpass first. We all know Mirage and to many of us it’s just kinda boring. Which in a way, is exactly why it’s a good pick – you know what you expect which makes it easier to compare.

You might’ve heard more complaints from us if that was all in terms of updates, fortunately for everyone with Beta access, there’s more.

Valve has been taking notes from Valorant and overhauled the buy system. You can now make your own 5 gun load-outs per side, if you want both M4s on CT, you got it. Do you think the AWP is a crutch and people should get good? No problem, remove it from your load-out, we’re sure you’d rather use the auto-sniper anyway.

That’s not all. You can now sell your accidental buys! No more will you be the only one forcing on round 2, you can just sell your Deagle and armor. As frequent Faceit puggers ourselves, this one is huge.

Both of these updates alone would’ve been quite the content boost, but Valve couldn’t help themselves and had to make massive updates only casually mentioned in the patch notes.

Take for example a fix for the “floaty movement in subtick” that was reported by many players. To a lot of pros, this was a major complaint, now Valve has just fixed it with no fanfare. But not just that, they also tuned the length of a HE smoke fade, reducing it to make it less OP.

Now remember what we said about copying Valorant? That’s about to get even more obvious. VAC will now ban players mid-game and end it at that round. The result will even be made invalid, whilst still gaining XP for your coveted service medal. So long you didn’t queue with the banned player.

To round things off, Valve also announced the release of Hammer for Source 2. A map editor that the more creative side of our community has gotten used to in CS:GO when creating custom maps and skins. So go out and be your creative best. It’s more fun than playing Mirage.

June 11, 2023

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