CSGO turns 10 years old

Elliott Griffiths
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Olofboost oil painting made for CSGO’s birthday by rustenico

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Apparently just saying that isn’t enough for a story.

We’ve coming up to ten years of the greatest game of all time, and that has gone incredibly quickly. Largely as some of us only got involved half way through, so that ten years feels like… five years.

If you’re looking for a shot of nostalgia - or indeed, a whole friggin’ litre of the stuff - then it’s all over the place right now.

  • HLTV’s long form articles on what happened in each year; starting with 2012.
  • ESL are producing some videos on things that have happened throughout the years as well as some uber-sexy montage style videos.
  • We’ve got some dope pictures coming out as well.

What better way to celebrate the ten year anniversary than to keep speculating on Source 2 - as has been tradition for every single year. There’s a whole bunch of people who have deluded themselves into thinking Valve are going to announce it for CSGO’s anniversary.

Instead, we’d prefer to just remember. Remember fnatic’s greatness, remember Astralis’ dominance, remember FaZe Cl- ah, never mind. We want to remember the Happy Deagle ace, the dupreeh Deagle ace, the NiKo deagle ace. Or the other NiKo deagle moment.

Here’s to another ten years of greatness. Happy birthday to the best game of all time.

August 14, 2022

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