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Harry Richards
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Cloud9’s time as the longest-standing 5-man lineup is ending.

HLTV, after breaking the news on interz’ removal at the start of December, are now reporting that his replacement will be buster, VP/Outsiders’ old big-site anchor.

In case you’ve forgotten, buster is the one who left VP because he “felt the weight of the last 5 years”, three months before they won a Major. Ouch.

He’s back now, though — even if replacing interz isn’t really the type of gig to re-ignite your passion for the game. We hope he’s been practicing his jumpspots. And that naphony hasn’t been let near any more arT demos.

Now, it’s not confirmed yet. And we have to mention that sh1ro rubbished the -interz rumours a while back, so take this roster move with a tiny pinch of salt.

Or don’t. As hawka so deftly pointed out, players are about as reliable as an egg Twitter account, or ESIC in a law court.

buster’s replacement in Outsiders was n0rb3r7, who has joined Devilwalk as a candidate for the worst player to ever win a Major after their success in Rio.

But don’t take our word for it, take Jame’s. Just one bad event later, the twitter rumour mill says that Outsiders are cutting old n0rb for some new steel in the form of 18-year-old KaiR0N-.

Jame did put KaiR0N- as his “HLTV Bold Prediction” both in 2021 and 2022, so you know he’s a fan. And, we are too — just maybe for different reasons.

This is the guy who once averaged less than one flashbang per ten rounds. He’s like a less smart version of YEKINDAR or Patsi, a pure bulldozer who can add some spice back to Outsiders’ ‘b0rInG’ aka ‘you’re too noob to appreciate it’-style.

fame and FL1T can go full closer mode, Qikert can be the bitch. It’s a comp that has some potential. Maybe not Major-winning potential but let’s not pretend n0rb3r7 was anything other than dead weight.

It’s a ruthless business. And Jame is the expert.

January 5, 2023

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