Danish IGL Pro League continues

Phillip Rasmussen
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Historically ingame leaders are not the top fraggers of their teams, but Danish CS:GO players don't really care about history. They'd rather make it.

So it comes as no surprise that 5 out of 30 teams on HLTV's rankings are currently led by Danes, and that 2 of those 5 have featured on the individual top 20 at least once.

This year a third contender is stepping up, and no it's not MSL, despite aizyesque's unending arguments. It's cadiaN, and all we wanted with this excessive segway, was to put in this tweet where his mom says he's promised her to get a top 20 placement in 2021. If she's his biggest fan, we're her biggest fan.

Oh, and some games were played as well:

  • FPX eliminated OG from the groupstage, after a tightly fought 2-1 victory, and booked their playoff ticket
  • Snappi led ENCE to a 2-1 victory against Mousesports and might very well be Danish IGL #6 in the Top 30 if the team can build on that.
  • ZywOo is back on his bullshit.
  • Before you try to make #FreeRopz trend, have in mind he lost 3 of 5 direct duels in Mousesports loss versus FaZe, including the one against karrigan.
  • ZywOo might have more AWP kills than NiKo, but NiKo had more kills in total in G2's 2-0 dismantling of Vitality. Check-Krieg-mate we guess?
March 14, 2021

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