daps gets revenge over EG

Elliott Griffiths
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Gen.G took out EG to declare themselves as the OG's of NA - and even more, daps went gangsta' on his original team. Well, he had autimatic to thank for the result, but the meme from Gen.G was the real highlight. daps did kind of soil the sheets against C9, who managed to somehow overcome their old roster.

FURIA flipped the script and slapped their big brothers around 2-0, with former MIBR target KSCERATO showing them exactly what they missed out on when they didn't fork out the cash for him. FURIA absolutely battered Liquid as well this weekend - in case you were in any doubt who the kings of Brazil were.

ImAPet looked on as his to-be team 100 Thieves gave Cloud9 a lesson, while Yeah lost back-to-back games vs Liquid and Bad News Bears. MiBR did manage to win one game this weekend, against Envy, but then ended up missing out on playoffs as the same Envy beat Bad News Bears.

This left EG joining MIBR in missing out on a quarter-finals spot entirely, thanks to their result against Gen.G.

EU had some interesting results, but none as interesting as VP beating NaVi in the CIS one. Not even this from s1mple was enough to stop them. MACHINE enjoyed mouz' win over G2 a little too much (noise warning), which came despite kennyS' heroics.

It was a weekend of throwbacks, as even shox showed some quality form, as Vitality beat fnatic. So much for us saying they weren't very good earlier. Oh, and coldzera doing coldzera things.

May 3, 2020

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