daps leaves, someone hold stanislaw down

Elliott Griffiths
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11No, MIBR daps is not happening.

No, C9 daps is not happening. We think.

No, stanislaw is not replacing daps for the billionth time. Well, we can't rule that one out, because it always seems to happen.

But, Gen.G are replacing daps. He, as every American player seems to do when they leave, dropped some vague comments about 'issues' in the team instead of just saying 'we're actually just not very good KEKW'.

Gen.G have been pretty hit and miss recently, and daps unfortunately has a reputation as something of a Tony Pulis figure in NA CS. He'll fix your crap team and turn them into a good team, but he can't transform straw into gold like Rumpelstiltskin. That makes him suspect #1.

At least, we think that's the reason he was cut. Maybe it was because he was the odd one out. You know... really look at the team... because he's the only... ginger one*. Yeah. That's it.*

As of yet, there's no rumours as to who is being picked up. TACO or fer will almost certainly be linked at some point, but we'd be interested to see if any of the ex-C9 players would be interested, especially JT as the new IGL.

Actually, given the 'turns crap team into a good one' Tony Pulis-esque thing, maybe MIBR daps makes a lot of sense.

September 13, 2020

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