Deafening silence

Gijs Verhoeff
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👂 Mind your hearing

  • Instead of deafening gunshots. Thanks to SteelSeries and Valve, you now no longer have to lose hearing because someone noscoped you from point-blank range. No word on getting blinded by flashes though.
  • Remember guys, no amount of EQ can prevent hearing loss due to malicious friends. These kinda pranks are both dangerous and unfunny. Just don’t be a dck.*

🇧🇷 Brazil! La la la la la la la laaaaa!

  • Mahone took the liberty of explaining how Imperial managed to go from a measly “dad dancing at a wedding” to a full-blown Samba at the Major.
  • So… ESIC suspended Peacemaker just for the length of the Major? For once it’s not him that’s destroying teams…
  • Can’t wait to be taken to Brazil, have a BBQ in Gaules’ backyard, and watch some Major CS. Living the life.

👴👶 Bring in the new (and old) stuff

  • OG had us thinking they were announcing YEKINDAR. But no, it was just their new academy team.
  • And then our hopes for OG YEKINDAR were completely destroyed when, just a few hours later, it was revealed OG were going after NEOFRAG and F1KU. Maybe it’s for the better.
  • Stop it Heroic, don’t give aizyesque any hope of North’s return.
May 26, 2022

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