degster breaks Spirit

Elliott Griffiths
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Every time things are looking up for Spirit, they fall to the ground.

After a heroic charge at the Major where they fell just short of glory, things finally seemed like they’d settled. After mir left, they promoted Patsi and added s1ren, and finally had found the quintet that was going to take them to where they wanted to be.

Until degster decided to stay in Russia.

Obviously, staying in Russia is not really a feasible idea for any organisation attempting to do… anything. Your players won’t get VISAs, your org will be blacklisted and you’ll go broke.

But it’s also going to be pretty difficult to move out of a country you’ve lived in your whole life just to play a video game.

degster was quick to clarify that it wasn’t for any political reason, but that he couldn’t spend 9 months in Serbia due to his girlfriend and other personal matters. Which is fair enough; you can’t expect everyone to throw their life away to keep playing.

But it does mean that Spirit are down a star AWPer, and need to find a new one.

They’ve been baiting that Patsi will take over as the main AWPer with, presumably, a new rifler signed. One has to wonder why a CIS team would not sign an AWPer, though. Literally every single AWPer who comes out of that region is cracked beyond belief.

Like, there’s w0nderful and deko just chilling waiting to be signed by a bigger team, El1an, Jame, s1mple, m0NESY and degster who’ve all already been there.

We’re sure there’s some great riflers around, but you already have one. He’s called Patsi. Keep him there and sign another one of those ridiculous AWPers off the CIS conveyor belt.

June 12, 2022

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